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Marcelle:  So today I want to introduce you to my fabulous colleague, Peggy Roberts, a very accomplished up and coming Cleveland artist.  Her breezy, clever and whimsical artwork just makes you want to say “ahhhhh…..” I have invited Peggy to guest blog for me today on one of our favorite shared topics:  Living with art.

Peggy:  Art is a very important part of a home.  It can uplift the  consciousness, welcome guests into the home, add color, create discussion.   In my opinion, when it comes to art, bigger is better, even in a small  space.  Since my personal preference is almost minimal, streamlined  spaces, I prefer a large painting to a grouping of small works.   Groupings tend to look cluttered.

One of my favorite uses of art  is to anchor different spaces in an open environment.  Here are some  photos from my inspiration file.  I hope you enjoy!

The  entry way or sitting area.  Use art to welcome your guests and to set  the mood for a lively visit filled with intellectual conversation.

The  living area.  We’ve all heard scholars say that art shouldn’t match  your decor.  But this is a rule I prefer to break.  I like the art to  pick up, or even set the tone for the decor.  It seems natural to me, we  are all attracted to certain colors.

Marcelle and her husband do a great job of anchoring the different spaces in their beautiful home with art.

Art can be part of monochromatic room.  Monochrome can be very restful as this gorgeous room shows.

But that doesn’t mean your art has to match.  Art  should be anything you consider beautiful.  Contrasting art can be very  interesting, as can art that pops off an otherwise white or neutral  color scheme.

Like a black and white scheme?  Art doesn’t need to be colorful if you like it more subdued or moody.

Art makes a great conversation piece in the dining room, and can liven up dark walls.

Don’t  stop with just the living area.  Art looks great in the kitchen and dining area.  Anywhere you spend time, you should have lovely and  compelling art to look at.

One of my favorite uses for large paintings is as a headboard.  The art should be something that’s restful.  I like this one because  it’s like sleeping in a tree house!

Here is an example of a  room I designed around a painting.  This room is part of my ongoing  project attempting to show pink used in modern ways.

I am fortunate to be a painter, I have a steady supply of paintings that I can change on a whim.

Here’s one of my favorites.  I love graphic and pop art, and I love the combination of blue and orange pops.

Not a painter?  That doesn’t matter.  I believe every one’s  creative.  Buy a canvas and splash paint on it, or paint it in a solid  color.  I often do this when I am experimenting with a color.  This is  also a neat trick if you are in a rental and are not allowed to paint  the walls.

Art doesn’t need to cost a  fortune.  Check your local library, some libraries have art to loan.   Also check your local art schools, they often have art sales which is a  great way to support local artists.  The Internet also provides many opportunities to buy inexpensive art directly from artisans, such as  Etsy.  Just remember to go big, have fun, and if you love a piece you  can’t go wrong.  I hope you enjoyed this guest post.

Marcelle:  Peggy, I just love the tree-as-headboard.  And thank you so much for all these amazing art-as-decor tips!  I keep reading them over and over again…..  Be sure to check out Peggy’s blog, Creative Influences, where she shares more of her amazing ideas pertaining to home decor and art.   Peggy has an extensive collection of artwork which can be seen in her portfolio on flickr.  Honestly, if you have a need for some artwork to finish out your home, Peggy will work with you to customize something that’s just the right size, shape and color palette.  Now that’s my kinda gal….. :)

Picture 1.  Image via the Sumptuous Chair

Picture 2.  Image via Line Juhl Hansen

Picture 3.    Image via Jan Showers  (

Picture 4.  Image Simon Watson via Desire to Inspire

Picture  5.  Image Summer and Josh’s Pumped Up Traditional via Apartment Therapy
Picture  6.    Image David & Marcelle’s  Nashville
Beach  House)
Picture  7.   Image via March 2010 House  Beautiful.

Picture. 8.  Image via Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz.  (

Picture 9.  Image via Anthology.  (

Picture 10.  The lovely home of Carolyn Quartermaine.

Picture 11.  Brian Elston.

Picture 12.  Decor8.

Picture 13.  Rue Magazine.  (

Picture 14.  Peter Margonelli via Desire to Inspire.

Picture 15.  Apartment Therapy.

Picture  16.    Image via Living Etc.   (

Picture 17. The fabulous  painting is by Dee Adams.   (

Picture  18.   Image by Peggy Roberts

Picture 19.  Image by Peggy Roberts

Please note in most cases image credit is given to the designer of the room, not the  artist.  If you know the artist of any of the fine paintings used as  examples, please contact Peggy.  She”d be happy to feature them on her blog.

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5 Responses to “Peggy Roberts on Living With Art”

  1. i love, love, love this post. honestly, i love the comment about “art can be anything you consider beautiful.” and i love the headboard … brilliant. i’m going to pass on this post for sure; what creative, amazing ideas!! thanks guys!!

    Comment by beth jones

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed the conversation on art in the home and agree with it. I especially liked the :Headboard” and the great pic of your living room- dining room.

    We just got back from Iowa and had a great visit with Molly’s aunt Mary (91) and still deiving and her sister Shannon. I got you a little gift there and will send it to you this week.


    Comment by Dad

  3. And don’t forget Peggy, art can change the world!

    Comment by Debi Kelly Van Cleave

  4. I love, love, love this post as well! :) I especially love all the different color schemes…very cool.

    Comment by Stacy Battles

  5. Great post Peggy!!!! So creative~ I guess I have to make a comment about that headboard too. I absolutely love it!!!!!! Thank you for bringing this collection out to show everyone.

    Comment by Haley

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